Special edition of the course designed for Young Leaders – like you!

21-day programme full of variuos activities

10 online lectures with essentials about public policy advocacy

4 coaching circles in smaller groups with similar goals

Exclusive Slack group to share expieriences and ideas

Grant competition with 2,600€ prize pool


Public Policy Advocacy

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Join the PatientAdvocacy.Academy and gain new knowledge!

Thanks to the course you will:

Gain knowledge

how the European

healthcare systems works

Get to know why it is important

to use experiences from other countries in your region

Learn how to collect and use

crucial data on patients and the healthcare system

Become self-confident and well prepared to the meetings with key stakeholders

Learn how to conduct a public policy and awareness

campaigns step by step

Have the opportunity

to exchange experiences and

to learn from each other

Strengthen position of your PAG by establishing and keeping relations with people responsible for healthcare policy

Work on a public policy project of your choice with the support of expierienced trainers and a group

Receive knowledge tailored exactly to your therapeutic area and benefit from the success story of other organizations

What exactly PatientAdvocacy.Academy is?

PatientAdvocacy.Academy is an online video training dedicated for Young Leaders of patient organizations who are actively working to improve the situation of patients in their countries, especially from advocacy groups in the area of plasma-derived products. We want to give you resources to make your actions even more effective, more spectacular and more visible. Your attendance in the course is completely free of charge thanks to the support of our sponsors.

Previous editions of PatientAdvocacy.Academy





6 750€




Why Public Policy Advocacy is the main topic?

Public policy advocacy is one of the most demanding and complex areas of activity of patient organizations. It was also clearly visible in results of our surveys from previous editions of the Academy. Fields of activity related to policy advocacy were indicated as the most tough ones.

Patient advocates usually are aware of a need of changes in the healthcare policy, but also do not have any experience or knowledge in this area. Meanwhile, in the current situation, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and potentially insufficient amounts of plasma on the market, it is even more important for patient advocates like you to be able to effectively fight for the rights of patients in your country, including ensuring access to treatment, its safety and reimbursement.

There are some proven strategies and universal methods of proceeding with changing public policy regarding medicines and increase patients’ engagement in this process. We would like to teach you how to do it successfully.

Taking into account the participants' feedback, we decided to design a 21-day programme containing various activities. First days would be dedicated to introducing the topic, getting to know each other better and recognizing the goal of each participant.

Then we would provide online lectures covering most important topics related to policy advocacy, lasting about 15-20 minutes each as well as a short exercise in a .pdf file, which helps you to practically implement gained knowledge. Lectures would be supported by everyday discussions on Slack and team work during live sessions.

You will be asked to set your own individual target in the area of policy advocacy. We would discuss those targets together and work on them during online meetings in smaller groups.

There would be 4 online video conferences – coaching circles – where participants would exchange their view and experiences on the current topics of the course in order to find solutions of their own obstacles. First would be a introductory one with all the participants on board, then we would split you into smaller teams with similar goals or political situation to work on your goals together.

All the videos will be available for you on a dedicated e-platform for 6 months after the course.

How does PatientAdvocacy.Academy 2021 looks like?

Topics of the lectures


  • 1. Policy advocacy – you can do it, even if you’re not a professional advocate
  • 2. How to do a research on your healthcare system?
  • 3. Why it’s important to know the situation of patients with your condition in other countries?
  • 4. How to collect statistical data about patients and how to use it in may ways.
  • 5. How to prepare to meetings with various stakeholders: government officials, key physicians, industry representatives and how to remain self-confident.


  • 1. Building a wide coalition of stakeholders around your case – how to find powerful allies and win the case
  • 2. Public Policy Campaign: a step-by-step guide with case studies – how to conduct and evaluate a campaign?
  • 3. Plasma donations and plasma derived medicines – plasma collection systems, safety, production of medicines, chances & challenges, importance of public awarness
  • 4. How to deal with crisis in a patient organization?
  • 5. Why a policy advocacy is a constant process?


Day 1-3

Warm-up on the Slack group

An opportunity to get to know each other before starting the Academy and exchange information on the situation in different countries.

Day 4

First Online Circle (for all)

The first meeting introducing the subject of the Academy, goals and tasks. Division into working groups.

Day 5-16

Providing lectures

Online training with daily new video lectures, exercises and the discussions on Slack group.

Day 9

Second Round of Online Circles

Working with participants on their own advocacy goals.

Day 12

Third Round of Online Circles

Working with participants on their own advocacy goals.

Day 16

Fourth Round of Online Circles

Working with participants on their own advocacy goals.

Day 17

Releasing bonus materials

Interviews with experts in the area of public policy advocacy (planned: PPTA, advocates from other therapeutic areas).

Day 21

Closing of the Academy

Grant competition results, closing of this year's Academy.

Online video course is an easily accessible and proven way of learning. You can watch the videos anytime – after work or school or during commuting by public transport. We can learn together despite the fact that we will be physically separated by hundreds of kilometres. This is a fantastic solution in times of the COVID-19 pandemic, when a lot of events and conferences are canceled because of participants' safety. Nowadays an online video course is the safest and most effective form of learning!

Why an online course?

Grant competition

Win up to 1000€ for your patient organization in just two steps!

Each PatientAdvocacy.Academy – apart from learning – is also an opportunity to raise funds for activities of your patient organization. Therefore you can immediately put your new ideas into practice! In this edition of PatientAdvocacy.Academy, the prize pool is 2 600 €. How to get them? You need to fulfill two conditions - it's easy!

  • Actively participate in the Academy – watch videos, participate in discussions, be present at coaching circles
  • Prepare the competition entry in accordance with the topic and guidelines that will be given at the end of the Academy

We will select 3 winners who will receive grants for the activities of their patient organization!

Meet your trainers

In years 2010-2018 leader of Polish Association for Patients with Primary Immunodeficiencies 'Immunoprotect', former member of IPOPI executive board. For his successful patient advocacy Adrian has been given Luciano Vassali Award in 2014, University of Silesia Rector’s Award in 2020 and was shortlisted for the EURORDIS Patient Advocacy Award in 2021. Professional trainer, advisor and speaker. Fascinated with opportunities given by the new technologies in the field of education. He introduces video tutorials, online courses, webinars and video streaming to the areas of patient engagement and education.

Adrian Goretzki

Business psychologist with vast amount of experience in designing and developing online courses. Successful TEDx speaker (over 300k views), author of many scientific publications on international conferences and articles popularizing psychological knowledge. Co-author of a handbook for PID patients – “Fullness of life”. Using professional skills and experience for the past few years engaged in a voluntary work with people with rare diseases. In the Healthcare Education Institute she is responsible for the scientific part of our job, focusing herself on coordinating studies and reports.

Bernadeta Prandzioch-Goretzki


Read opinions of our participants and see that it is also a great option for you!

The course was excellent and provided very useful and relevant training. The course material was presented in an easy to follow way with strong backup from trainers who are very knowledgeable in each module.

Geraldine Kelly

Alpha One Foundation Ireland

(…) Stories of patients from other communities gave me new perspective and got me thinking about the knowledge that they had that I could implement in my community.(…) Great job!

Stefan Radovanović

Board Member of the Serbian Hemophilia Society & Board Member of the European Hemophilia Consortium

This was by far the best training I ever received. It was packed with practical and useful information based on the personal advocating experiences of Patient AdvocacyAcademy team. (…) Really a great training!

Uroš Brezavšček

Slovenian Association for Patients With Bleeding Disorders “Krvni Bratje”

Patient Advocacy Training was very educative and interactive for me. I’ve learned many new things about advocacy and ways of expanding my patient organization’s activities through different projects.

Vida Ramšak Marčeta

Slovenian Association for Children with Immune Disorders

The participants of all the previous editions assessed PatientAdvocacy.Academy very high!


evaluation: 9,1

Usefulness of

the information: 9,3

Choice of the

subject: 9,2

Last seats available! Submision closes in:



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